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Index of Subject Terms for the Seattle Mail and Herald Collection

Acme Business College (Seattle, Wash.)
Adams, Maude
Aggers, George L
Agnew, James P.
Agriculture--Washington (State)
Alaska Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Alaska Gold Mining Company
Alaska--Description and Travel
Alaska--Gold discoveries
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.)
Alexander Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Alice Gertrude (Steamboat)
Alison, George
Alki Point (Wash.)
Allen, Frank P. Jr.
Alpha Club (Seattle, Wash.)
American Lake (Pierce County, Wash.)
Anderson, Nathan
Anderson, Oliver P.
Angeline, Suquamish Indian, d. 1896
Annexation (Municipal Government)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Anthony, Susan B. 1820-1906
Apache Indians
Apartment houses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Arcade Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Artists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Automobiles--Washington (State)
Bainbridge Island (Wash.)
Ballard (Seattle, Wash.)
Ballast Island (Seattle, Wash.)
Barrett, Minnette
Bars (Drinking establishments)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bates, Blanche, 1873-1941
Bates, Marian
Battle, Alfred
Battleships--Washington (State)--Seattle
Beaches--Washington (State)
Bekins Moving and Storage Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Bernard, William J.
Bicycles--Washington (State)
Bicycles--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bigelow, Harry A.
Black River (Wash.)
Blethen, Alden Joseph, 1845-1915
Blethen, Clarence B.
Blethen, Joseph, 1870-1937
Boats and boating--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bon Marche (Department store)
Bornstein, Philip J.
Branch libraries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Breidenstein, Alfred G.
Bronte, Beatrice
Brown, Sidney
Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Busch, Edward
Butterworth Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Butterworth, E.R.
Butterworth, Fred R.
Butterworth, Gilbert M.
Butterworth's Mortuary (Seattle, Wash.)
Byers, Alpheus
Byrne, Patrick S.
C.C. Berg, Taxidermist (Seattle, Wash.)
Cadillac Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Calhoun, Isaac P.
Camping--Washington (State)
Canals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Canoes and canoeing--Washington (State)--Seattle
Capitol Hill (Seattle, Wash.)
Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919
Castle Mountain (Alaska)
Cayton, Horace Roscoe, 1859-1940
Cedar Falls Power Plant (Wash.)
Cedar Lake (Wash.)
Central business districts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Chapman, Edith
Chapman, Edythe, 1863-1948
Cheasty, Edward C.
Chehalis River (Wash.)
Chelly, Canyon de (Ariz.)
Chesna Mining Company
Chicago Dental Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Children--Washington (State)--Seattle
Christopher, Charles A.
Church buildings--Alaska--Valdez
Church buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
City Councils--Washington (State)--Seattle
City of Everett (Steamer)
Clallam (Steamboat)
Clamming--Washington (State)
Clarke, Harry Corson, 1863-1923
Clary, Marie Louise
Closson, Carlos C.
Coal Mines and Mining--Washington (State)
Collier, William, Sr., 1864-1944
Colorado Society
Conaway, James
Considine, John, 1868-1943
Construction--Washington (State)--Seattle
Cooper, Frank B.
Copper River (Alaska)
Copper River Valley (Alaska)
Cordray, Charles
Cornish, Nellie Centennial, 1876-1956
Cort, John
Cotterill, Frank W.
Cotterill, George F. (George Fletcher), 1865-1958
Countiss, Catherine
Crabbing--Washington (State)
Crescent Baking Powder
Crowds--Washington (State)--Seattle
Cudihee, Edward
Cudihee, Edward.
Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952
Cushman, Lake (Wash.)
Damon, John F.
Daniels, Frank A. (Frank Arthur), 1856-1935
Dayton, Florence E.
Deception Pass (Island County and Skagit County, Wash.)
Denny Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Hill (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny, Charles L.
Denny, David Thomas
Department stores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Depew, Lillian B.
Dewey, Elmer L.
Dix (Steamboat)
Douglas, Blanche
Douglas, J.F.
Douglas, John F.
Dow, Matthew
Drew, Margaret
Duncan Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Duwamish River Valley (Wash.)
Duwamish Waterway--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dye, Eva Emery, 1855-1947
Dyea (Alaska)
East Pike Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Egan, Frank C.
Elections--Washington (State)--Seattle
Elliott Bay (Wash.)
Elston, David
Emory, George Meade
Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle
Erickson, Oliver T.
Ernst, Ambrose B.
Evans, Millicent
Exhibitions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Federal Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Fifth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Figman, Oscar L.
First Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
First Avenue South (Seattle, Wash.)
Fisheries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Fishing boats--Washington (State)--Seattle
Fitz, Florence Dyer
Floods--Washington (State)--Duwamish River Valley
Frater, Archibald, W.
Fraternal organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Front Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Fulton, Walter S.
Funeral homes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Furth, Jacob, 1840-
G.L. Holmes Furniture Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Gallatin, Alberta
Gambling--Washington (State)--Seattle
Garberson, Charles F.
Garfield, James A. (James Abram), 1831-1881
Gastel, Irwin
Gifford & Grant Bicycle Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Gill, Clark N.
Gilson, George
Girard, Harry P.
Givens, James G.
Glendale Farm (Chimacum, Wash.)
Godwin, John W.
Gold mines and mining--Alaska
Golden Rule Bazaar (Seattle, Wash.)
Goodfellow, Hugh A.
Gormley, Matthew H.
Governors--Washington (State)
Grading (Earthwork)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Graham, Lou
Graham-Hickman Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Grand, William
Grantley, Helen
Grays Harbor County (Wash.)
Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.)
Gregory, Linden I.
Gregson, Thomas G.
Griffith, Frank S.
Grocery stores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Grondahl, E.L.
Gunning, William M.
H.H. Dearborn & Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Halibut fishing
Hall, Calvin S.
Hanford, Charles B. (Charles Barnum), 1859-1926
Hanlin, Henry T.
Harbors--Washington (State)--Seattle
Harmon, F.W.
Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909
Hart, James B.
Hartley, Roland H.
Hearses (Vehicles)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Heifner, Charles G.
Heinze, F. Augustus (Frederick Augustus), 1869-1914
Herman, Charles D.
Hickman, Zachary F.
Hicks, Ira W.
Higginson, Ella, 1862-1940
Hill, James J. 1838-1916
Hinckley Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Hofer, Col. E.
Holyoke Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Holyoke Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Hood Canal Region (Wash.)
Horton, Dexter, 1895-1904
Hospital patients--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hospitals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hotel Stevens (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Stevens Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotels--Washington (State)--Bainbridge Island
Hotels--Washington (State)--Seattle
Howe, John P.
Hughes, Agnes Lockhart
Humes, Thomas Jefferson, 1849-1904
Humphrey, William E. (William Ewart), 1862-1934
Independent Telephone Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Indians of North America
Indians of North America--Folklore
Indians of North America--Northwest, Pacific
Indians of North America--Washington (State)--Seattle
International Bank and Trust Company of America (Seattle, Wash.)
Interracial Marriage--Washington (State)--Seattle
Irving, Isabel, 1871-1944
James Street (Seattle, Wash.)
James, Edward Holton
Jamestown Ter-centennial Exposition (1907)
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenner, Ernest C.
John Nogleberg's Fine Art Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Johnson, George F.
Joseph (Nez Perce Chief), 1840-1904
Juan de Fuca, Strait of (B.C. and Wash.)
Juvenile Courts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Keeley Institute (Seattle, Wash.)
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Kershaw, Willette
King Street Station (Seattle, Wash.)
Klamath Indian Tribe of Oregon
Klondike River Valley (Yukon)--Gold discoveries
Knickerbocker Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Kofoed, Blanche I.
Kyle, Howard
La Roche, Frank
Labor Unions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lake Washington Boulevard (Seattle, Wash.)
Lake Washington Ship Canal (Seattle, Wash.)
Lakes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Land, Paul
Lawler, James T.
Leschi Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition (1905 : Portland, Or.)
Lewis, James Hamilton, 1863-1939
Library buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Library Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lindberry, Selma A.
Log transportation--Washington (State)
Logging railroads
Logging--Washington (State)
Logging--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lowman Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Lumber Exchange Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Madison Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Madison Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Madrona Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Makah Indians--Social Life and Customs
Maloney, Michael T.
Manhattan Flats (Seattle, Wash.)
Mansfield, Richard, 1857-1907
Manufacturing Industries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Marching bands--Washington (State)--Seattle
Marine Engineers Supply Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Marion Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Marion Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Masonry Dam (Wash.)
Matthews, Mark A.
Mayoral elections--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mayors--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mayors--Washington (State)--Seattle--Elections
McCord, Evan S.
McGilvra, John J. 1827-1903
McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907
McKinley, William, 1843-1901
McLaren, F.R.
Meadows Race Track (Seattle, Wash.)
Meany, Edmund S.
Meguil, Ruby
Meikle, James B.
Melba, Nellie, Dame, 1861-1931
Memorial rites and ceremonies--Washington (State)--Seattle
Men's Shoe Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Meredith, William L., 1869-1901
Merrill, David
Mexico--Description and Travel
Miller, O.L.
Mines and Mineral Resources--Vancouver Island (B.C.)
Mines and Mineral Resources--Washington (State)
Minnesota Society (Seattle, Wash.)
Mitchell, Margaret J.
Moffat, Emma
Moore Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Moore, James A.
Moore, Otis M.
Moore, William Hickman, 1861-
Moran Brothers Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Moran, Robert, 1857-1943
Morgan, John D.
Murder--Washington (State)--Seattle
Musicians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Music--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mutual Light and Heat Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Myer, Edmond J.
Nadeau, Ira A.
Navajo Indians
Nebraska (Battleship)
New York Society (Seattle, Wash.)
Newspaper buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Nizina District (Alaska)
Nordstrom, Charles W., 1849-1901
Northwest, Pacific--Description and Travel
Nurses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Occidental Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Olmsted, John Charles, 1852-1920
Oregon and Washington Station (Seattle, Wash.)
O'Reilly, Hugh P.
Outlaws--West (U.S.)
Palmer Lake (Alaska)
Pan-American Exposition (1901 : Buffalo, N.Y.)
Parades--Washington (State)--Seattle
Parcel post--Washington (State)
Parks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Philippine American War, 1899-1902
Phillips, A.W.
Phipps, Alta
Physicians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Pidduck, George A.
Pidduck-Ross Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Pierson, Van F.
Piers--Washington (State)--Hoquiam
Pigott, William
Piles, Samuel
Pioneers--Northwest, Pacific
Placer mining--Alaska
Pleasant Beach Hotel (Bainbridge Island, Wash.)
Pohle, Herman H.
Politics--Washington (State)
Pollard's Lilliputian Opera Company
Port Blakely Mill Company
Port Orchard (Wash.)
Portraits--Washington (State)
Portraits--Washington (State)--Seattle
Potter, Helen
Prather, John N.
Pratt, John W.
Prize Mining Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Prize Mining Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Prostitution--Washington (State)--Seattle
Puget Sound (Wash.)
Puget Sound (Wash.)--Discovery and Exploration
Puget Sound Electric Railway
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Queen Anne (Seattle, Wash.)
Race Relations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Railroad Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Railroad stations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Railroad tracks--Washington (State)
Railroad trains--Washington (State)
Railroads--Washington (State)
Railroads--Washington (State)--Seattle
Raine, William McLeod
Rainier Avenue South (Seattle, Wash.)
Rainier Beach (Seattle, Wash.)
Rainier, Mount (Wash.)
Ramsey, Emma
Rathskeller Restaurant (Seattle, Wash.)
Ravenna Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Real Property--Washington (State)--Seattle
Restaurants--Washington (State)--Seattle
Resurrection Bay (Alaska)--Maps
Reynolds, Charles A.
Rhodes Brothers (Seattle, Wash.)
Riedelsberger String Quartette
Riedelsberger, Karl
Roberts, Florence, 1871-1927
Robertson and Blackwell
Robson, Stuart
Rogers, C.E.
Rogers, John Rankin, 1838-1901
Romans Photographic Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Root, Milo A.
Royal Loggers of the Pacific Coast
Ruffin, Richard W.
Rush, Isadore, 1866-1904
Russell, Edmund
Russell, William
Rust, Frank A.
Saint Croix River (Wis. and Minn.)
Salmon Fishing--Northwest, Pacific
Salmon fishing--Washington (State)--Puget Sound
San Diego Fruit Company (Seattle, Wash.)
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906
Saunderson, Harriet Colburn
Savage, George M.
Schmitt, Nicholas
Seattle (Wash.)--Aerial views
Seattle (Wash.)--Description and Travel
Seattle (Wash.)--Economic Conditions
Seattle (Wash.)--History
Seattle (Wash.)--Periodicals
Seattle and Lake Washington Waterway Company
Seattle Business College.
Seattle Central Library
Seattle General Hospital (Seattle, Wash.)
Seattle Golf Club
Seattle Labor Temple
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle Popular Chorus
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Seattle, Wash. : 1888 : Daily)
Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library. Green Lake Branch
Seattle Riding Club
Seattle Seminary
Seattle Steel Company
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Seattle Times (Seattle, Wash. : 1966)
Second Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Sefrit, Louie B.
Semple, Eugene, 1840-1908
Seneca Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Seventh Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Shank, Flora
Sherrick, J.D.
Shipbuilding--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ships--Washington (State)--Hoquiam
Shipwrecks--British Columbia--Vancouver Island
Shipwrecks--Washington (State)
Shooting for Women--Washington (State)--Puget Sound
Shooting--Washington (State)
Shumway, Elizabeth Helena
Sikes, William E.
Simonds, William D.
Sizer, Henry L.
Skid Row--Washington (State)--Seattle
Skykomish River (Wash.)
Smith, Everett
Smith, Joseph
Smithers, F.G.
Snoqualmie Falls (Wash.)
Sothern, E. H. (Edward Hugh), 1859-1933
South Canal (Seattle, Wash.)
South Park (Seattle, Wash.)
South School (Seattle, Wash.)
Speckert, Aloysius J.
Stacy, Amy P.S.
Stanley, Hiram A.
Stark, Nettie
Stayner, Emma Shaw
Steam donkeys
Steamboats--Washington (State)--Seattle
Stein, Susan E.
Stewart Creek (Alaska)
Stillaguamish River (Wash.)
Stoel, Horace T., Jr.
Storefronts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Stores, retail--Washington (State)--Seattle
Storey, Thomas P.
Street-railroads--Washington (State)--Seattle
Streets--Washington (State)--Seattle
Studdiford, Grace van
Submerged lands--Washington (State)--Seattle
Summit Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Susitna River Valley (Alaska)
Taxidermists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Taylor, Laurette
Teachers--Washington (State)
Temple, William H.G.
Tents--Washington (State)--Seattle
Terry Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Terry, John I.
The Metropolitan Press (Seattle, Wash.)
The Stockade (Seattle, Wash.)
Theaters--Washington (State)--Seattle
Third Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Thompson, R. Campbell (Reginald Campbell), 1876-1941
Thomson, George
Thomson, Reginald Heber
Three Tree Point (King County, Wash.)
Timber industry--Washington (State)
Timber industry--Washington (State)--Seattle
Timber--Washington (State)
Totem poles
Totem poles--Washington (State)--Seattle
Tracy, Harry, 1870-1902
Trescott, Virgina Drew
Trials--Washington (State)--Seattle
Tucker, Wilmon
U.S. Court House, Custom House and Post Office Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Union Station (Seattle, Wash.)
Union Street (Seattle, Wash.)
United States. President (1881 : Garfield)
University District (Seattle, Wash.)
University Methodist Church (Seattle, Wash.)
University of Washington
University Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Valdez (Alaska)
Valencia (Steamship)
Valentine, Albert L.
Vancouver Island (B.C.)
Villard, Henry, 1835-1900
Wagner, Theodore Henry, 1861-1933
Wagner's First Regiment Band
Wagoner, Stephen R.
Waldorf Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Walker Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Walker, Florence C.
Walsh, Blanche, 1873-1915
Washington (State)--Description and travel
Washington (State)--Militia
Washington Fixture & Mantel Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington, Lake (Wash.)
Water supply--Washington (State)--Seattle
Waterfronts--Washington (State)--Hoquiam
Waterfronts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Webster & Stevens
Weir, James
Wells, E. Hazard
West Seattle (Seattle, Wash.)
Western Central Labor Union (Seattle, Wash.)
Westlake Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
White River (Wash.)
White, C.V.
Whitman, Marcus, 1802-1847
Whitworth College (Tacoma, Wash.)
Wiedemann, Tom
Wiestling, Frank B.
Williams, Vinson V.
Wilson, Judson P.
Woman's Century Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Women Pioneers--Washington (State)
Women--Washington (State)
Women--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women--Washington (State)--Seattle --Societies and clubs
Women--Washington (State)--Societies and clubs
Wood, Frederick D.
Wood, William D.
Woodland Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Yerkes, Abel K.
Young Women's Christian Association (Seattle, Wash.)

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