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Index of Subject Terms for the Town Crier Collection

5th Avenue Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
1411 Fourth Avenue Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Aerial views--Seattle (Wash.)
Aeronautics--Washington (State)--Seattle
African American Singers
African Americans
Air pilots--Washington (State)--Seattle
Airplanes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Alameda (Steamship)
Alaska Pacific Salmon Corporation (Seattle, Wash.)
Alaskan Way (Seattle, Wash.)
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.)
Albee, Elvira
Albee, Wayne
Albertson, Abraham H.
Alcoholic Beverages--Law and Legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle
Alder Beach Manor (Des Moines, Wash.)
Alderwood Manor (Wash.)
Alexander, Gus
Aliens--United States
Allan, P.
Allen, Clay
Allen, Madell Gille
Allen, Stanley
Alley Cat (Seattle, Wash.)
American Broadcasting Company
American Exchange Bank (New York, N.Y.)
American Lake (Pierce County, Wash.)
American Light Opera Company (Washington, D.C.)
American National Red Cross
American Oyster House (Seattle, Wash.)
Ames, Anne
Ames, Margaret
Amphion Society (Seattle, Wash.)
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America. Nile Temple (Seattle, Wash.)
Anderson, C.B.
Anderson, Clyde
Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993
Anderson, Richard
Angeline, Suquamish Indian, -1896
Anglia (Steamship)
Ankeny, Rollin V.
Annabell's Lunch (Seattle, Wash.)
Antlers Hotel (Lake Cushman Region, Wash.)
Apartment houses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Apfel's Systems and Electric Heating (Seattle, Wash.)
Aquariums--Washington (State)--Seattle
Architects--Washington (State)--Seattle
Arctic Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Arliss, George, 1868-1946
Armenian (Steamship)
Armstrong, Francis J.
Arney, C.E., Jr.
Arnold, Lawrence, M.
Art Institute (Seattle, Wash.)
Art museums--Washington (State)--Seattle
Arthur, Julia, 1869-1950
Artists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Arts--Washington (State)--Seattle--Newspapers
Art--Washington (State)
Art--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ashford, Frank C.
Atiyeh Brothers (Seattle, Wash.)
Auditoriums--Washington (State)--Seattle
Aurora Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Austin's Tamale Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Austral, Florence
Automobile Dealers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Automobile Repair Shops--Washington (State)--Seattle
Aviation Country Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Avon Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Ayres, Paula
Baasch, Claus F.
Backus, Elise P.
Backus, Manson F.
Bacon, Bessie
Baillie, Marian
Baker, Mount (Wash.)
Bakeries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bake-Rite Breadery (Seattle, Wash.)
Balaam, Edwin C.
Ballinger, John H.
Ballinger, Richard Achilles, 1858-1922
Ballrooms--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bando, Mitsumi
Banff National Park (Alta.)
Bank Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Barron Corporation (Seattle, Wash.)
Barron, J.P.
Barrymore, Ethel, 1879-1959
Bars (Drinking establishments)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Barton & Company
Battleships--Washington (State)--Seattle
Batwell, E.A.
Bausman, Adelaide
Baxter, Sutcliffe
Beaton, Mary
Beaton, Welford
Beauty shops--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bebb & Gould
Bebb, Charles H.
Beck, Louise C.
Beckingham, Charley
Begley, Neal H.
Bell towers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bell, Virginia
Bell, William N. (William Nathaniel), 1817-1887
Bellingham (Wash.)--Description and Travel
Bellingham Coal Mines
Belvoir (Seattle, Wash.)
Bennett, John A.
Bennett, Richard
Benson, Frank W.
Bernhardt, Sarah, 1844-1923
Berry's Handcraft Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Bert's (Seattle, Wash.)
Best's Apparel, Inc.
Bettinger, Mary E.
Betty's Hat Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Bickford, Alfred
Birchard Company
Black, Frank D.
Black, Justine Shannon
Blackmore, John J.
Blaine, E. F. (Elbert F.), 1857-1942
Blake, H.F.
Blanc, Charles
Blanchard, George W.
Blancher, Harold L.
Blancke, Kate
Blanc's (Seattle, Wash.)
Blethen, Alden Joseph, 1845-1915
Blethen, Clarance Brettun, 1879-1941
Bloedel, Julius M.
Blue Lantern Tea Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Blue Mouse Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Blum, John R.
Blyth and Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Boats and boating--Washington (State)--Seattle
Boeing Aircraft Company
Boeing Airplanes
Boeing Company--History
Bolcom Canal Lumber Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Bolcom, William M.
Bollain, Fernand
Bombings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bon Gusto (Seattle, Wash.)
Bon Marche (Department store)
Book collectors
Bookstores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Boren, Carson D., 1824?-1912
Boston Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Bouckaert's (Seattle, Wash.)
Boulevard Inn (Seattle, Wash.)
Boy Scouts of America
Brass Rail (Seattle, Wash.)
Bridges--Washington (State)--Seattle
Brindley, Willis
Brinkley, Elizabeth W.
Brittany Tea Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Broadmoor (Seattle, Wash.)
Broadmoor Golf Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Broadway High School (Seattle, Wash.)
Brockett, Norwood W.
Brookes, A.M.
Brooklyn Addition (Seattle, Wash.)
Brooks, William M.
Brown, Edwin J.
Brown, Walter M.
Browne, Maurice
Bryn Mawr Airfield (Seattle, Wash.)
Buddy Squirrel Nut Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917
Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bullitt family
Bullitt, A. Scott (Alexander Scott), 1878?-1932
Bullitt, Dorothy Stimson, 1892-1989
Bullitt, Dorothy Terry
Bungalows--Washington (State)--Seattle
Burke, Billie, 1885-1970
Burke, Thomas, 1849-1925
Burroughs, Walter
Buses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Butler, John Davidson, 1890-1976
C.E. Stevens Company (Seattle, Wash.)
C.H. Wells, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Cadigan, John J.
Cady, Calvin B.
Cafe Blanc (Seattle, Wash.)
California Petroleum Corporation of Washington
Callahan, James A.
Callahan, Kenneth, 1905-1986
Calve, Emma, 1858-1942
Cameron, Basil
Camlin Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Camp Sealth (Vashon Island, Wash.)
Campbell, Earl
Campbell, Roy
Canals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Canoe Pass (Wash.)
Canoes and canoeing--Washington (State)--Seattle
Canter, Lynn
Canterbury Tea Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Capone, Al, 1899-1947
Carkeek Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Carkeek, Emily Gaskill, 1852-1926
Carkeek, Morgan J.
Carleton Park Addition (Seattle, Wash.)
Carman, N.M.
Carman's (Seattle, Wash.)
Carnation Milk Products Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Caro, Michele de
Carolina Court (Seattle, Wash.)
Carolyn's Brittany Tea Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Carpenter, L. Ross
Carr, Emily M.
Carts and carriages--Washington (State)--Seattle
Casals, Pablo, 1876-1973
Cascade Addition (Seattle, Wash.)
Cascade Range
Case, Anna, 1888-1984
Cedar Falls Power Plants (Wash.)
Cemeteries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Centennial Milling Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Centralia Massacre, Centralia, Wash., 1919
Cepparo, Leon
Chamlee, Mario, 1892-1966
Champney, E. Frere
Chandler, Cyrus W.
Chandler, W.D.
Chantecler (Seattle, Wash.)
Chapman, Horace P.
Charities--Washington (State)--Seattle
Chase, M.
Chase, Waldo S.
Chatterton, Ruth, 1893-1961
Chauncey Wright Restaurant Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Chelan, Lake (Wash.)
Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway Company
Chilberg, John E.
Children's Orthopedic Hospital (Seattle Wash.)
Chimes Tower (Seattle, Wash.)
Chinese Gardens (Seattle, Wash.)
Chinese--Washington (State)--Seattle
Chittenden, Hiram Martin
Chocolate candy
Christmas--Washington (State)--Seattle
Christofferson, Silas
Chuckanut Drive (Wash.)
Church buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Churchhill, Martha Blanke
City Hall (Hoqiuam, Wash.)
Civic Auditorium (Seattle, Wash.)
Claire, Ina, 1892-1985
Claremont Tavern Barn (Seattle, Wash.)
Clark, Allen
Clark, Harry M.
Clark, T.J.
Clawson, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Clawson's Fur Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Clocks and watches--Washington (State)--Seattle
Club Mauve (Seattle, Wash.)
Clubs and societies--Washington (State)--Seattle
Coal Mines and Mining
Cobb Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Coffee Dan's (Seattle, Wash.)
Coffee Nook (Seattle, Wash.)
Coldwell, Ethel Huntley
College buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
College Center (Seattle, Wash.)
College Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Collins, Alba B.
Collins, Angela B.
Collins, Elma
Collins, John
Collins, Josiah, 1864-1949
Collins, Katherine
Colman Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Colman Dock (Seattle, Wash.)
Colman, George
Colman, H.E.
Colman, James M.
Colman, Lawrence J.
Colonial Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Columbia River Gorge (Or. and Wash.)
Columbia River--History
Columbia Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Columns--Washington (State)--Seattle
Comet Falls (Wash.)
Commercial Boiler Works
Conover, Charles T.
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
Consolidated South District Commercial Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Constantine, Earl
Constitution (Frigate)
Construction--Washington (State)--Seattle
Continental Hotel Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Cooking--Washington (State)--Seattle
Cook's Tamale Grotto (Seattle, Wash.)
Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933
Coon Chicken Inn (Seattle, Wash.)
Coontz, Augusta
Cooper, Colin C.
Corbett, Helen F.
Corbett, Mary H.
Corbett, Roy W.
Corey, Arthur
Cornish School of Allied Arts (Seattle, Wash.)
Cornish School of Allied Arts (Seattle, Wash.)--History
Cornish School Symphony Orchestra
Cornish, Nellie Centennial, 1876-1956
Coryell, Marian
Cotterill, George F. 1865-1958
Courthouses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Cowl, Jane, 1884-1950
Crampton, J. Harold
Crary, Harold
Crawford, Franklyn
Crescent, Lake (Wash. : Lake)
Crichton, James E.
Crime--Washington (State)--Seattle
Crooks, F.J.
Crowl, C.A.
Cunningham, Imogen, 1883-1976
Curtis, Asahel, 1874-1941
Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952
Cushman, Lake (Wash.)
Dahlquist, F.C.
Dallam, Frank M.
Dance Halls--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dance marathons--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dancers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Davis, Irene Ewing
Davis, J.S.
De Honey Dancing Academy (Seattle, Wash.)
Decatur (Sloop)
Delaney, Kathleen
Denny Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Hill (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny, Arthur Armstrong, 1822-1899
Denny, David Thomas
Denny, Louisa Boren
Denny, Mary Ann, 1822-1912
Denny, Rolland Herschel, 1851-1939
Denny-Renton Clay & Coal Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Dent, Hawthorne K.
Dent, Margaret
Department Stores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Depressions--1929--Washington (State)--Seattle
Detroit Institute of Arts
Dewey, Hale E.
Dexter Horton Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Dexter Horton National Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
Dilling, George W.
Dirichstein, Leo
Distilling, Illicit--Washington (State)
Dix, Irving F.
Dixon, Jean, 1896-1981
Dobbs, Charles
Dodge, Frances
Dolly Madison Tea Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Don's Seafood (Seattle, Wash.)
Donworth, George
Dooley, Bill
Dore, John F.
Douglas Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Douglas, J.F.
Douglas, Margaret
Douglas, Walter T.
Doyle and Merriam
Draft--Washington (State)--Seattle
Duffy, Henry
Dun, Kwei
Duncan, John A.
Dundschu, Carl
Dunlap-Prentice Florists, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Duwamish Waterway (Wash.)
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dykeman, King
Eagels, Jeanne, 1890-1929
Early American Room (Seattle, Wash.)
East Boston Street (Seattle, Wash.)
East Marginal Way (Seattle, Wash.)
East Roy Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Easterbrook, Arthur E.
Eckstein, Nathan
Edart's (Seattle, Wash.)
Eddy, Ethel G.
Eddy, John W.
Edgecombe (Ship)
Edwards, Frank E.
Elburn, Beatrice
Eldridge Buick Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Eldridge, Arthur S.
Elections--Washington (State)--Seattle
Electric locomotives
Electric power--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974
Elliott Bay (Wash.)
Elliott, Maxine, 1868-1940
Elman, Mischa, 1891-1967
Elshin, Jacob
Eltinge, Julian, 1883-1941
Elvidge, Anita M.
Elwha River (Wash.)
Engberg, Mary Davenport
Erickson, John
Erickson, Oliver T.
Erskine, Alice Sanders
Everett Massacre, Everett, Wash., 1916
Evolution (Biology)
Evolution (Biology)--Study and Teaching--Law and Legislation--Tennessee
Ewing, Dorothy
Ewing, Irene
Exeter Apartment Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Exhibition buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Exhibitions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Explosions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Express highways--Washington (State)--Seattle
Eylar's Linen Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Fairs--Washington (State)--Puyallup
Fairview School (Seattle, Wash.)
Farmer, Frances, 1913-1970
Farrar, Geraldine, 1882-1967
Farrell, J.D.
Farrington, Dolly
Fay, John P.
Fay, Vivian
Federal Art Project (Wash.)
Female impersonators
Ferries--Washington (State)--Puget Sound Region
Ferries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Festivals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Fifth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Fink, Leonid
Fires--Washington (State)--Seattle
Firland Sanatorium (Seattle, Wash.)
First Avenue South (Seattle, Wash.)
First Baptist Church (Seattle, Wash.)
First Christian Church (Seattle, Wash.)
First Church of Christ Scientist (Seattle, Wash.)
First Hill (Seattle, Wash.)
First Methodist Church (Seattle, Wash.)
First National Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
First Presbyterian Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Fischer Studio Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Fisher Flouring Mills Company
Fisher, Birt F.
Fisher, Charles E.
Fisher, O. Wallace
Fisher, Oliver D.
Fisher, Will P.
Fisher, William P.
Fishing--Washington (State)
Fisk Tires (Seattle, Wash.)
Fiskin, Archibald
Flaeger, Betty
Fleur de Lis Favor Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Florence Henry Memorial Chapel (Seattle, Wash.)
Florists--Washington (State)--Seattle
Flour Mills--Washington (State)--Seattle
Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse
Flynn, E.F.
Fogg, Franklin
Foisie, F.P.
Foisie, Omar
Foley, Lee
Fooshee, Gladys
Fooshee, Sybil
Foraker, Mount (Alaska)
Force, Horace C.
Forest Theatre (Kitsap County, Wash.)
Forestry Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Forests and forestry--Washington (State)
Forkner, Edgar, 1867-1945
Fort Lewis (Wash.)
Foster & Kleiser (Seattle, Wash.)
Foster, Walter F.
Foujioka, Noboru
Fourth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Fox Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Fox, Harry
Fox, John H.
Frank A. Rivers Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Frank Waterhouse and Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Franz Ferdinand,--Archduke of Austria, 1863-1914
Fraser-Paterson Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Fraternities & sororities--Washington (State)--Seattle
Frazier, Raymond R.
Frederick & Nelson
Frederick, Stanton W.
Freeman, Miller, 1875-1955
Frink, John M.
Frye Observatory (Seattle, Wash.)
Frye, Charles, 1858-1940
Fujii, T.
Fuku, Mitsutaro
Fuller, Margaret MacTavish
Fuller, Richard E.
Funeral homes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Furriers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Furth, Jacob 1840-1914
Furth, Lucy D.
Furuya, Masajiro
Gadski, Johanna
Gaffney, Kathleen
Gaines, Sylvia
Gaines, Wallace
Gallatin Canyon (Mont.)
Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948
Garden, Mary, 1874-1967
Gardening--Washington (State)--Seattle
Gardens--Washington (State)--Seattle
Garibaldi, Mount (B.C.)
Garrison, Ruth
Gaston, Paul de
Gattis, Edith E.
General Insurance Company of America
General Strike, Seattle, Wash., 1919
Gentle, Alice
George Washington Memorial Bridge (Seattle, Wash.)
Germans--Washington (State)--Seattle
Germany--Politics and Government--1918-1933
Germany--Politics and Government--1933-1945
Gibson, James
Giese, Hans Otto
Gill, Hiram C.
Gilman, L.C.
Gilpin, Charles S. (Charles Sidney), 1878-1930
Girl Scouts of America
Glacier National Park (Mont.)
Gladding, McBean and Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Glen, Irving M.
Glendale Country Club (Bellevue, Wash.)
Glenn Hughes Playhouse (Seattle, Wash.)
Gloor's Coffee Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Goddard, Albert J.
Godowsky, Leopold
Goetz, L. Albert
Golden Pheasant Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Goldsmith, May B.
Goodman, Barney
Gottstein, Mose A.
Gottstein, Rose M.
Gould, Carl F.
Gould, Carl Freylinghuysen, 1873-1939
Governors--Washington (State)
Gowen, Herbert H.
Gowman Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Gowman Hotel Grill (Seattle, Wash.)
Grading (Earthwork)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Graham, Donald G.
Graham, Frances M.
Graham, J.S.
Graham, John, 1873-1955
Graham, Juanita
Granada Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Graveure, Louis
Gray, Gilda
Great Depression and the New Deal
Great Fire, Seattle, Wash., 1889
Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.)
Great Western Motors Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Green Gate (Seattle, Wash.)
Green Gate Tea Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Green Lake (Seattle, Wash.)
Green pastures (Motion picture)
Green, Joshua
Greenhouses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Greenwood, George H.
Gregory, Elizabeth Hiatt, 1872-1955
Grier, Robert
Griffith, E.C.
Griffiths, Austin E.
Griffiths, Mansel P.
Grindell, Arthur B.
Grote-Rankin Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Group portraits
Group portraits--Washington (State)--Seattle
Gruwell, Hugh C.
Gustafson, William
Gustin, Paul Morgan
Gypsy Tavern (Seattle, Wash.)
H.F. Albrecht, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Hackett, Charles
Hackett, Norman, 1874-
Haffer, Virna
Hahn Fashion Salon (Seattle, Wash.)
Haines, Isabelle Burton
Hajos, Mitzi, 1891-
Haller, Granville O.
Hammer, Adelheid
Hammer, Borgny
Hampden, Walter, 1879-1955
Hamper, Genevieve, 1889-1971
Hamrick, John
Handforth, Thomas, 1897-1948
Hanson, Lily
Hanson, Ole, 1874-1940
Harbor Island (Seattle, Wash.)
Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923
Hardwick, Lily
Harper, Paul C.
Harper-Meggee, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Harrison, Alexander
Harrold, Patti
Harry's Bohemian Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Hartford, Nellie
Hartley, Roland H., 1864-1952
Hatch, John Davis, Jr.
Hauptmann, Liborius
Hawthorne Square (Seattle, Wash.)
Hayes, Roland, 1887-1977
Hayes, Samuel E.
Hayward, Ina Phelps, 1871-1944
Hazzard, Linda Burfield, 1868-1938
Heaney, Charles, 1897-1981
Hearses (Vehicles)
Hedges, Samuel H.
Heffernan, John T.
Heifetz, Jascha, 1901-1987
Helen Ardelle (Seattle, Wash.)
Helen Igoe's (Seattle, Wash.)
Helen Swope's (Seattle, Wash.)
Hemphill, Wylie
Henry Art Gallery
Henry Duffy Players
Henry, Harold
Henry, Horace C.
Herman Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Hess, Myra, Dame, 1890-1965
Hickman, William E.
Highway planning--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hill, Alice
Hill, James J. 1838-1916
Hill, Thomas B.
Hill's Ostrich Farm (Seattle, Wash.)
Hilton, Lucy A.
Hindley, W.J.
Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Seattle, Wash.)
Hirohito, Emperor of Japan, 1901-1989
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945
Hitz, Elsie
Hodge, William T. (William Thomas), 1874-1932
Hofbrau Restaurant (Seattle, Wash.)
Hoffman, Margaret E.
Hoge, James D.
Hoge, Mary Louise
Hohag, Walton H.
Holden, Ashley E.
Hollywood Farm (Wash.)
Hollywood Gardens (Seattle, Wash.)
Hollywood Tavern (Seattle, Wash.)
Holyoke Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Homeless Persons--Washington (State)--Seattle
Homelessness--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hood Canal (Wash.)
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964
Hooverville (Seattle, Wash.)
Hopkins, Ralph
Hopper, Lester
Horluck, George F.
Horr, Ralph A.
Horse Racing--Washington (State)--Seattle Metropolitan Area
Hotel Butler (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Butler Grill (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Deca (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Edmund Meany (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Roosevelt (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Savoy (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Stanley (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotel Terry (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotels--Washington (State)--Seattle
Houlahan, Kathleen
Housing--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hughes, Estelle C.
Hulbert, Margaret M.
Hull, Frank W.
Hunter, Glenn
Huntington, Daniel
Husky Stadium (Seattle, Wash.)
Hutchinson, Josephine
Huteson Optical Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Hydroelectric Power Plants--Washington (State)--Design and Construction
Iceberg, Lake (Mont.)
Igoe, Helen
Ihrig, Herbert G.
Imperial Candy Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall of Seattle Lodge No. 7 (Seattle, Wash.)
Index, Mount (Wash.)
Indian Art--Northwest Coast of North America
Indian Island (Seattle, Wash.)
Indian Summer Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Indians of North America
Indians of North America--Northwest, Pacific
Indians of North America--Pictorial Works
Indians of North America--Wars--Washington (State)--Seattle--Maps
Indians of North America--Washington (State)
Indians of North America--Washington (State)--Seattle
Industrial Workers of the World
Industries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919--Washington (State)--Seattle
Inglewood Country Club (Kenmore, Wash.)
Inglewood Park (Wash.)
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International District--Washington (State)--Seattle
International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union
Inverarity, Robert Bruce, 1909-1999
Irvine, John C.
Irvine, William H.
Irwin, William A.
Isaacs, Walter
Isadora Duncan Dancers
Ismay, J. Bruce 1862-1937
Italian Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Ito, Michio, 1893-1961
Ivey, Edwin J.
J.S. Graham (Seattle, Wash.)
Jackson, Ethel Chrisman
Jacqueline Hat Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
James Street (Seattle, Wash.)
James, Burton W.
James, Florence
James, Sidney T.
Jannings, Emil, 1884-1950
Japan Central Tea Association (Seattle, Wash.)
Japan Society of Seattle
Japan--Description and Travel
Japanese Americans--Washington (State)
Japanese Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle
Japanese--Washington (State)--Seattle
Japan--Foreign Relations--United States
Japan--Relations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Jazz--Washington (State)--Seattle
Jean L. Klementis, Inc.
Jefferson, Thomas L., 1857-1932
Jenkins, David W.
Jenkins, Edith A.
Jewelry stores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Jimenez, Agustin, 1901-1974
John Davis & Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Hall, 1888-1970
Johnson, Philip G.
Jones, Robert O.
Jones, Wesley Livsey, 1863-1932
Josephine, Lake (Mont.)
Joshua Green Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Joyce's (Seattle, Wash.)
Juanita Point (Wash.)
Juneau (Alaska)
Juvenile (Seattle, Wash.)
Kachess Lake (Wash.)
Kachess Lodge (Lake Kachess Region, Wash.)
Kahlo, Frida
Kahn, Otto H., 1867-1934
Kalakala (Ferry)
Kantner, Clifford W.
Kantner, Jean
Kappa Alpha Theta (University of Washington)
Karle, Theo
Kashinami, Seizan
Katori Maru (Ship)
Kegel, Otto F.
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968
Kellogg, David
Kerry, Albert S.
Kerry, Norman
King County Courthouse (Seattle, Wash.)
King County Hospital (Seattle, Wash.)
Kinnear, Charles A.
Kinnear, George
Kira, Hiromu
Kirchner, George C.
Kirkpatrick, Earl
Kittinger, Katherine
Klallam Indians
Klamm, William J.C.
Klibansky, Sergei
Klickitat Indians
Klondike River Valley (Yukon)--Gold Discoveries
Knapp, Harry
Knettle Corset Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Knight, Earle W.
Koffee Kaddy (Seattle, Wash.)
Koike, Kyo
KOMO (Radio station : Seattle, Wash.)
KOMO (Television station : Seattle, Wash.)
Kreisler, Fritz, 1875-1962
Kreps, Ruth M.
Kriesler, Fritz
Krinke, Harry
Kristoferson Dairy (Seattle, Wash.)
Kristoferson, August
Krueger, Karl
Ku Klux Klan (1915-)
Kulli, Kahwak Kuhl
Kunishige, Frank A.
L.W. Suter (Seattle, Wash.)
La Plante, Laura, 1904-1996
La Tosca (Seattle, Wash.)
Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ladies Musical Club (Seattle, Wash.)
LaGourgue, Charles
Lake Louise (Alta.)
Lake Union (Wash.)
Lake Washington Boulevard (Seattle, Wash.)
Lake Washington Ship Canal (Seattle, Wash.)
Lake, Harriette
Lakecrest Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Lakecrest Inn Tearoom (Seattle, Wash.)
Lakeside School (Seattle, Wash.)
Lakes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lakeview Cemetery (Seattle, Wash.)
Lamb, F. Clyde
Lamping, George B.
Landes, Bertha Knight, 1868-1943
Lane, J. Richard
Lang, Louis M.
Lawson, J.J.
Le Gallienne, Eva, 1899-1991
League of Nations
Leary, Eliza F.
Leib, Karl E.
Leiber, Fritz, 1882-1949
Leonard, Alton W.
Leopold, Nathan Freudenthal, 1904-1971
Leslie, Frank E.
Levitzki, Mischa, 1898-1941
Lewis, D.W.
Lhevinne, Josef, 1874-1944
Liberty Grafonola Shoppe (Seattle, Wash.)
Lincoln Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Assassination
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001
Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus, 1930-1932--Kidnapping, 1932
Linden, Adolph
Liquor Laws--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lister, Ernest 1870-1919
Lister, Florence
Lister, Mary A.
Little Brown Jug Coffee Shops (Seattle, Wash.)
Little Shop of Interesting Things (Seattle, Wash.)
Little, Gertrude
Littler Fifth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Littler, Anson A.
Littler's Shop for Men (Seattle, Wash.)
Locks (Hydraulic engineering)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Loeb, Richard A., 1905-1936
Longacres Racetrack (Renton, Wash.)
Longmire Inn (Mount Rainier National Park)
Loomis, May S.
Loveless Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Low, John N. V., 1847-1902
Low, Minerva
Lowell Apartment Grill (Seattle, Wash.)
Lowman & Hanford Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Lowman, James D.
Lucas, Edwin P.
Luse, Alex
Lusitania (Steamship)
Lynnwood (Wash.)
Lyon, George G.
M.A. Gottstein Furniture Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Macbeth, Florence, 1891-1966
MacConnell Hat Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
MacDougall & Southwick (Seattle, Wash.)
Macfadden, Samuel P.
Madame Pless' School (Seattle, Wash.)
Madame Thiry's Gown Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Madden, Claude
Mahoney, James E.
Mahoney, Kate M.
Maison Blanc (Seattle, Wash.)
Makah Indians
Malkan's (Seattle, Wash.)
Malloy Manor Dining Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Mammoth Hot Springs (Wyo.)
Manca's (Seattle, Wash.)
Manhattan Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Manning's Coffee Shops (Seattle, Wash.)
Manufacturers' Association of Washington
Many-Glacier Hotel (Mont.)
Martelle, Tommy
Mary A. Kelley, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Masonry Dam (Wash.)
Matsuki, Kusutora
Matsuma (Seattle, Wash.)
Matthews Beach Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Matthews, Mark A.
Mattson, Henry
Matzenauer, Margaret
Maxwell, Frank D.
May, George
Mayors--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mayors--Washington (State)--Seattle--Election
McBride, Ella
McBride, Henry, 1856-1937
McBride, J.S.
McCormack, John, 1884-1945
McCormic, Mary, 1885-1981
McCurdy, William B.
McEwan, Anna Broddock
McGilvra, Elizabeth M.
McKay, William O.
McLaughlin, J. Frank
McLean, Margaret P.
McNeely, Paul P.
Meany Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Meany, Edmond S., 1862-1935
Mears, John Henry
Medical and Dental Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Meggee, R.F.
Meisnest, Darwin
Mentally Ill--Care--Washington (State)
Menuhin, Yehudi, 1916-1999
Mercer Island (Wash.)
Mercer, A. S. (Asa Shinn), 1839-1917
Meremblum, Peter
Merrill, Richard D.
Merry-Go-Round (Seattle, Wash.)
Methodist Episcopal Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Metropolitan Building Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Metropolitan Center (Seattle, Wash.)
Metropolitan Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Meyers, Victor
Miesle, Katherine
Milburn, Anne Thomsen
Military Bases--Washington (State)--Fort Lewis
Military Nursing
Miller, Marjorie
Miller, Ruth
Millinery--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mineral Lake (Wash.)
Mineral Mountain (Wash.)
Mines and Mineral Resources--Northwest, Pacific
Minimum wage--Washington (State)--Seattle
Minor, Stanley N.
Minorities--Washington (State)--Seattle--Statistics
Miranova, Elena
Mitchell, Margaret
Modernistic Grill (Seattle, Wash.)
Montlake Bridge (Seattle, Wash.)
Moore Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Moore, Harold
Moore, Walter A.
Moorlands (Kenmore, Wash.)
Moran Junior College
Moran School
Moran State Park (Wash.)
Moran, Frank G.
Moran, Robert, 1857-1943
Morgan, D.B.
Morgan, Jane
Morgana, Nina, 1891-1986
Moriarty, Charles
Morinaga, Yasuo
Morinaga, Yukio
Morita, Riichi
Morning Eagle Falls (Mont.)
Morris, Stuart
Morrison, Betti
Moscow (Seattle, Wash.)
Mount Baker National Forest
Mount Baker Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Mount Rainier National Park (Wash.)
Mountaineers (Society)
Mountains--Washington (State)--Seattle
Moy, Eng Yee
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Seattle, Wash.)
Murder trials--California--Los Angeles
Murder--California--Los Angeles
Murder--Washington (State)--Seattle
Murray Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Music Box Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Music Hall Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Musicians Association of Seattle
Musicians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Music--Washington (State)--Seattle
Mussolini, Benito Albino, 1915-1942
Myers, D.J.
Myers, George L.
Myers, George T.
Nagakura, Shiugi
Narada Falls (Wash.)
National Association of Goodwill Industries (U.S.)
National Bank of Commerce (Seattle, Wash.)
National Building Owners and Managers Association
National Socialism--Moral and Ethical Aspects
Naval Station Puget Sound (Wash.)
Neah Bay (Wash.)
Neighborhoods--Washington (State)--Seattle
Nelson, Gladys
Nelson, Moroni
Nestor, B.D.
Nestor, Barney D.
Nettleson, Clark
New Deal, 1933-1939
New President Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
New Roosevelt (Seattle, Wash.)
New Washington Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
New Year
Newberger, Joseph H.
Nichols, Frederick G.
Nihon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Ninth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Nippon Yusen Kaisha
Nisqually Glacier (Wash.)
Nisqually Indians
Nobby Togs Shoppe (Seattle, Wash.)
Nomura, Kenjiro
Nootka Indians
Nootka Sound (B.C.)
Norling, Ernest R. (Ernest Ralph), 1892-
Norman, Karyl
Normandy Park (Wash.)
North Pacific Gravure Company
Northcliffe Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Northern Life Insurance Company
Northern Life Tower (Seattle, Wash.)
Northern Pacific Railway Company
Northern State Hospital (Sedro-Wooley, Wash.)
Northwest Air Service, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Northwest Electric Light and Power Association (Seattle, Wash.)
Northwest, Pacific-- Race Relations
Norton, Charles Philip
Nut House (Seattle, Wash.)
Oakes, Thomas Fletcher, 1843-1919
Obstruction Pass (San Juan Islands, Wash.)
Occupational Training--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ocean liners
Oeconomacos, Nicholas
Ohop Bob (Ohop, Wash.)
Okuno, Toshiro
Olcott, Chauncey, 1858-1932
Old Faithful Geyser (Wyo.)
O'Leary, Johnny
Oles, Angus A.
Olivia A. Thornton Hat Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Olmstead, Roy
Olmstead, Roy--Trials, Litigation, Etc.
Olympia Oyster House (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympic Calpet Refining Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympic Fur Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympic Golf Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympic Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympic National Park (Wash.)
Olympic Riding and Driving Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Olympus, Mount (Wash.)
Onishi, Hideo
Opera--Washington (State)--Seattle
Opticians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Orchestras--Washington (State)--Seattle
Orfans, Spiro
Orpheum Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Osgood, F.H.
Otto Eckl's Delicatessen (Seattle, Wash.)
Otto Hildebrandt Decorating Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Outlook Lunch (Seattle, Wash.)
Oyster Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Pachmann, Vladimir de, 1848-1933
Pacific Coast Addition (Seattle, Wash.)
Pacific Coast Biscuit Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Pacific Coast Cement Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Pacific Coast Coal Company
Pacific Coast Indians, Wars with, 1847-1865
Pacific Power and Light Company (Portland, Or.)
Pacific Railroads--History
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company
Paderewski, Ignace Jan, 1860-1941
Palis de Danses (Seattle, Wash.)
Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915 : --San Francisco, Calif.)
Pankhurst, Emmeline, 1858-1928
Pantages Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Pantages, Alexander
Pantorium Dye Works (Seattle, Wash.)
Paradise Inn (Mount Rainier National Park)
Parish, Thomas A.
Parker, Marion
Parks, Minna P.
Parks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Parry, Isabel
Parry, Tom Jones
Parsons, Reginald
Partridge, Roi, 1888-1984
Paschall, Bertha P.
Paterson, J.V.
Patterson, Ambrose, 1877-1966
Patterson, Viola, 1898-1984
Paul, Alice Paine
Pavlova, Anna, 1881-1931
Peachy, Anna F.
Peacock Dining Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Penick, Harry Otho
Pennington, Ruth
Pennington, Theo
Penrose, Stephen Beasley Linnard, 1864-1947
People's Bank and Trust Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Peralta, Frances
Perham, Philip D-B.
Perkins, Edith B.
Perkins, John C.
Perrot, Lucien L.
Perry, John H.
Peterson, Joseph A.
Peterson, May, 1888-1952
Peterson-Blanchard (Seattle, Wash.)
Pettit, Margaret
Pfeil, Harry
Phelps, Thomas Stowell, 1822-1901
Phi Gamma Delta (University of Washington)
Philbin, Mary
Philbrick, Claude A.
Phillips, W.J.
Photographers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Photography, Artistic
Photography, Artistic--Exhibitions
Pickford, Mary, 1892-1979
Pickwick Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Pierce, Frank R.
Piers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Piggott, Henry C.
Pigott, William
Pike Place Market (Seattle, Wash.)
Pike Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Pilgrim Congregational Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Pine Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Pine Tree (Seattle, Wash.)
Pioneer women--Washington (State)--Seattle
Pioneers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Pleasure Marine, Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Plymouth Congregational Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Police--Washington (State)--Seattle
Policewomen--Washington (State)--Seattle
Pollard, James F.
Pons, Lily, 1898-1976
Ponselle, Rosa, 1897-1981
Poor--Washington (State)--Seattle
Port Angeles (Wash.)
Port of Seattle
Port Townsend (Wash.)
Potlatch--Washington (State)--Seattle
Powell, John H.
Powell, Maud
Pratt, Dudley
President Theatre (Seattle, Wash.)
Presidential elections--United States
Presidents--Assassination--United States
Presidents--United States--Election
Price, Robert M.
Pries, Lionel
Priteca, B. Marcus (Bernard Marcus)
Proctor, A. Phimister
Proctor, Marie A.
Prohibition--United States
Prohibition--Washington (State)
Prohibition--Washington (State)--Seattle
Prosser, William T.
Prudential Federal Savings and Loan Association
Public Baths--Washington (State)--Seattle
Public Health League of Washington
Public Health--Washington (State)--Seattle
Public Schools--Washington (State)--Seattle
Public Welfare--Washington (State)
Public Works of Art Exhibition (Seattle, Wash.)
Public Works of Art Project (U.S.)
Puget Mill Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Puget Sound (Wash.)
Puget Sound Power and Light Company
Puget Sound Savings and Loan Association
Puget Sound Traction, Light & Power Company
Queen Anne (Seattle, Wash.)
Queen City Cat Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Quileute Indians
R.S. Graham (Seattle, Wash.)
Race Discrimination--Law and Legislation--United States
Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943
Racor Pacific Frog & Switch Company
Radford, Frank McL.
Radio--Washington (State)--Seattle
Rafferty's Table Board Restaurant (Seattle, Wash.)
Railroad Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Railroad tracks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Railroads--Northwest, Pacific
Rainier Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Rainier Valley (Seattle, Wash.)
Rainier, Mount (Wash.)
Rambeau, Marjorie, 1889-1970
Ramsay, Claude C.
Rankin, Jeannette, 1880-1973
Rare books
Rasmussen's Inc. (Seattle, Wash.)
Rathskeller (Seattle, Wash.)
Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937
Ravenna Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Raymond, Rena B.
Real property--Washington (State)--Kenmore
Real Property--Washington (State)--Seattle
Red Robin Inn (Seattle, Wash.)
Reed Craft Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Reed, Mark E. (Mark Edward), 1866-1933
Reiter, Carl
Remick Song and Gift Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Renfro, R.R.
Renfro-Wadenstein's (Seattle, Wash.)
Renton Airport (Renton, Wash.)
Republic Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Resseguie, Alvene
Restaurants--Washington (State)--Seattle
Reynolds, George B., 1852-1882
Rhodes, A.J.
Rhododendron Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Rialto Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Ricard, Mary
Richardson, William F.
Richelieu (Seattle, Wash.)
Richey, Nolan
Riesgari, Silvio
Riots--Washington (State)--Seattle
Rippe's (Seattle, Wash.)
Risegari, Julia
Risegari, Silvio
Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
Rivers--Washington (State)--Yakima
Robinson, Johnny
Robson, May, 1868-1924
Rock Island Dam (Wash.)
Rodgers, David J.
Rogers (Seattle, Wash.)
Rogers' Candy Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Roosevelt Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Rosemary Club for Girls (Seattle, Wash.)
Rosenblatt, Josef
Rosewater, Charles C.
Ross, Dai Steele
Ross, J.D. (James Delmage), 1872-1939
Rubber Service Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Rugs, Oriental
Russian Restaurant (Seattle, Wash.)
Sacco-Vanzetti Trial, Dedham, Mass., 1921
Saint Helens, Mount (Wash.)
Saint Nicholas School (Seattle, Wash.)
Salish Indians
Salmon Bay (Wash.)
Salmon fishing--Washington (State)--Seattle
San Carlo Opera Company
San Juan Islands (Wash.)
Sand Point (Seattle, Wash.)
Sand Point Golf and Country Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Sands Motor Company
Sands, Peter E.
Sanitation--Washington (State)--Seattle
Santa Barbara Earthquake, Calif., 1925
Santa Claus
Savoy, Viola, 1899-1987
Sayles' (Seattle, Wash.)
Sayre, J. Willis
Sayre, James Willis 1877-1963
Scandia Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Scandinavians--Washington (State)--Seattle
Scenic Hotel (Scenic, Wash.)
Schildkraut, Rudolph
School children--Washington (State)--Seattle--Portraits
Schools--Washington (State)--Seattle
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, 1861-1936
Schwabacher Bros. & Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Scopes, John Thomas--Trials, Litigation, Etc.
Sculptors--Washington (State)--Seattle
Sculpture--Washington (State)--Seattle
Seabeck (Wash.)
Seaborn, Henry G.
Seaman's Chest (Seattle, Wash.)
Seaplanes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Searing, William H.
Seattle (Wash.). Police Department
Seattle (Wash.)--Biography
Seattle (Wash.)--Description and Travel
Seattle (Wash.)--Economic Conditions
Seattle (Wash.)--History
Seattle (Wash.)--History--Siege, 1856
Seattle (Wash.)--Maps
Seattle (Wash.)--Newspapers
Seattle (Wash.)--Population--Statistics
Seattle Art Institute
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Athletic Club
Seattle Bank Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Seattle Bank of Commerce
Seattle Brewing & Malting Company
Seattle Camera Club
Seattle Central Library
Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Seattle Charity Organization Society
Seattle Children's Home
Seattle City Light
Seattle Construction & Dry Dock Company
Seattle Day Nursery
Seattle Federation of Women's Clubs
Seattle Fine Arts Society
Seattle Gas Company
Seattle Girls Auxiliary of the Red Cross
Seattle Girls' War Relief Bazaar
Seattle Historical Society
Seattle Horse Show
Seattle International Horse Show
Seattle Junior League
Seattle Ladies' Relief Society
Seattle Municipal Street Railway
Seattle National Bank
Seattle Orchestral Society
Seattle Paint Company
Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra
Seattle Photographic Society
Seattle Post-intelligencer
Seattle Press Club
Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Schools
Seattle Repertory Playhouse (Seattle, Wash.)
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Seattle Symphony Orchestra--History
Seattle Taxicab & Transfer Company
Seattle Times Company
Seattle Yacht Club
Seattle, Chief, 1790-1866
Seckles, Alice
Second Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Seidel, Toscha
Seig, Lee Paul
Self, Harriet
Service Stations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Seward Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Sharples, Caspar W.
Sheckels, Glenn
Shepard, Clare 1881-1979
Sherman, Louis
Shipbuilding Industry--Washington (State)--Seattle
Shipbuilding--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ships--Washington (State)--Seattle
Shop of China (Seattle, Wash.)
Shorrock, Ebenezer
Show windows
Siberia Maru (Steamship)
Silk Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Silver, Rose
Silverstone Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Skagit River Hydroelectric Project
Skiing--Washington (State)
Skiing--Washington (State)--Seattle
Skinner & Eddy Corporation
Skinner Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Skinner, D.E.
Skinner, Otis, 1858-1942
Skykomish River (Wash.)
Slater, Jack
Sly, Katie
Smith Cove (Seattle, Wash.)
Smith Tower (Seattle, Wash.)
Smitty's Counter Lunch (Seattle, Wash.)
Snoqualmie Falls (Wash.)
Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company
Snoqualmie Tunnel (Wash.)
Snow--Washington (State)--Seattle
Society Stationary Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Solar eclipses
Soldiers and Sailors Club of Seattle
Soldiers' libraries
Soldiers' monuments--Southern States
Soldiers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Soliday, George W.
Somervell, W. Marbury
Sorrento Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Sousa, John Philip, 1854-1932
South Main Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Spangler, James W.
Spargur String Quartet
Spargur, Grace E.
Spargur, John L.
Spargur, John M.
Special weeks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Spencer, M. Lyle (Matthew Lyle), 1881-1969
Spiering, Theodore
Spring Apartment Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Springer, Oscar
St. James Cathedral (Seattle, Wash.)
St. Joseph's Catholic Church (Seattle, Wash.)
St. Mark's Cathedral (Seattle, Wash.)
St. Mary, Lake (Mont.)
St. Nicholas School (Seattle, Wash.)
Stadiums--Washington (State)--Seattle
Stalin, Joseph, 1878-1953
Standard Soap Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Standley, J.E.
Stanwyck, Barbara, 1907-1990
Starks Manufacturing Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Starks, John J.
Starr, Claire
Starr, Frederick
Steers, Andrew
Stevens, C.E.
Steve's Hamburger Counter (Seattle, Wash.)
Stillaguamish River (Wash.)
Stimson Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Stimson, Achsah
Stimson, Charles D.
Stimson, Emma
Stimson, Harold C.
Stimson, Thomas D.
Stojowski, Sigismund, 1870-1946
Stone Way Bridge (Seattle, Wash.)
Stone, Fred, 1873-1959
Storefronts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Stores, retail--Washington (State)--Seattle
Storrs, Douglas
Storrs, Grace E.
Street-railroads--Washington (State)--Seattle
Streets--Washington (State)--Seattle
Strikes and Lockouts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Strong, Anna Louise, 1885-1970
Strout, Edwin A.
Struve, Anna F.
Struve, Frederic
Stuart Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Stuart, Elbridge A.
Suffrage--United States
Suffrage--Washington (State)--Seattle
Sukiyaky Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Sun, Yat-sen, 1866-1925
Sunami, Soichi
Sundelius, Marie, 1884-1958
Sunset Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Sunset Electric Company
Superior Portland Cement, Inc.
Surber, William H.
Suzzallo Library (Seattle, Wash.)
Suzzallo, Henry, 1875-1933
Swalwell, J.A.
Swope, Helen
Sylvan Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Tacoma (Steamship)
Tada, Shigeru
Tadama, Fokko, 1871-1937
Taisho, Emperor of Japan, 1879-1926
Takahashi, C.T.
Talley, Marion, 1907-1983
Tanaka, Yasushi
Tanzer, Alice
Tanzer, G.L.
Tatum, Howell
Taxicabs--Washington (State)--Seattle
Taylor, Will P.
Teachers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Teapot Dome Scandal, 1921-1924
Tearooms--Washington (State)--Seattle
Telephone Company Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Telephone--Washington (State)--Seattle
Tell, Sylvia
Temple de Hirsch (Seattle, Wash.)
Tennis Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Terhune, Robert S.
Terminal Sales Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Territorial University (Wash.)
Terry, Charles C.
Terry, Ellen, Dame, 1847-1928
Theaters--Washington (State)--Seattle
Third Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Thomas J. Cassutt Jewelers (Seattle, Wash.)
Thomas, Christy
Thompson, Ben
Thomsen, Charles M.
Thomsen, Marie
Thomsen, Moritz
Thomson, Reginald Heber
Tibbett, Lawrence, 1896-1960
Times Square Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Titanic (Steamship)
Title and Trust Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Titus, Hazen J.
Tlingit Indians
Tobey, Mark
Tokita, Kamekichi
Tomkins, Marian Baillie
Toomey, Tom
Torrup, Ingebord
Totem Pole Inn (Seattle, Wash.)
Totem Poles--Washington (State)--Seattle
Tower Savings Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
Towns, Kirk
Townsend, Charles L.
Townsend, Martha Ardelle
Tre Kronor Coffee Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Treat, Harry Whitney
Trefethen, Anna A.
Trenholme, James D.
Trials (Murder)-- Massachusetts--Dedham
Trials--Washington (State)--Seattle
Trimble, Cannie
Trimble, William Pitt
Trinity Parish Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Tripp, J.D.A.
Truax, Sarah
Tuberculosis--Washington (State)--King County
Turrell's (Seattle, Wash.)
Twelfth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Tyre Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
U.S. Jazz Band
Uchiyama, Kiyoshi
Ullman, Julius, 1863-1952
Underhill's Cafe (Seattle, Wash.)
Unemployed--Washington (State)
Unemployed--Washington (State)--Seattle
Unemployment--Washington (State)
Unemployment--Washington (State)--Seattle
United Daughters of the Confederacy. Robert E. Lee Chapter #885 (Seattle, Wash.)
United States. Immigration Act of 1924. Japanese
United States. Navy. Pacific Fleet
United States. Navy. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas
University Bookstore (Seattle, Wash.)
University Club (Seattle, Wash.)
University District (Seattle, Wash.)
University of Washington
University of Washington--Buildings
University of Washington--Rowing
University of Washington--Students
University Unitarian Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Uplands (Seattle, Wash.)
Van Duyn's Chocolate Shops (Seattle, Wash.)
Van Ogle, Louise
Van Volkenburg, Ellen
Vancouver Island (B.C.)
Vanderbilt, W.D.
Vashon Island (Wash.)
Venetian Room (Seattle, Wash.)
Veracruz (Veracruz-Llave, Mexico)--History--American Occupation, 1914
Verdun (France)--History, Military--20th Century
Via Fontana (Seattle, Wash.)
Victoria (B.C.)
Victoria (B.C.)--Description and Travel
Villa, Pancho, 1878-1923
Villard, Fanny Garrison, 1844-1928
Villard, Henry, 1835-1900
Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949
Vinsonhaler, Sara
Violet Tatum's Hat Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Vogue La Rose (Seattle, Wash.)
Volunteer Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Voyages around the world
Vulcan Manufacturing Company
Wadenstein, O.A.
Wagner, Theodore H.
Waldorf Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Walker, Arcady
Walkinshaw, Jeanie Walker
War Savings Metal Exchange (Seattle, Wash.)
Ward, Nellie C.
Warfield, David, 1866-1951
Warren, Joel F.
Warren, W.W.
Washington (State)--Description and travel
Washington (State)--Maps
Washington Athletic Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Cremation Society (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Mutual Savings Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Natatorium and Baths (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Ski Club
Washington State Museum (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington State Route 522 (Wash.)
Washington, Lake (Wash.)
Washington, Lake (Wash.)
Water supply--Washington (State)--Seattle
Waterfronts--Washington (State)--Seattle
Waterhouse, Frank
Waterhouse, Gladys
Waterways--Washington (State)--Seattle
Watt, Roberta Frye
Webb, Herbert
Webster and Stevens
Wehn, James A.
Welborn, John F.
Wells, Boyd
Wells, Hulet M., 1878-1970
Wells, Mary Ann
Werrenrath, Reinald, 1883-1953
West Madaket (Ship)
West Mahomet (Ship)
Western Koffe Stova (Seattle, Wash.)
Western Smelting & Power Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Western State Hospital
Western Washington Fair--(Puyallup, Wash.)
Westlake Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Weston, Edward
Whitcomb, David
White, C.E.
Whitehall, Letitia
Whitehead, Reah
White-Henry-Stuart Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Whiteside, Walker, 1869-1942
Whitman College
Whitmore, Hazel
Whiton Hardware Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Wigman, Mary, 1886-1973
Wilkes Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Willard Service Stations (Seattle, Wash.)
Willard Storage Battery (Seattle, Wash.)
William L. Davis and Sons (Seattle, Wash.)
William O. McKay Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Williams-Ellis, Clough, 1883-1978
Williams-Lowe Tire Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Wills, C.S.
Wilson, Smith M.
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Wilson, Worrall
Wilsonian (Seattle, Wash.)
Windermere (Seattle, Wash.)
Winslow, Ann
Winsor, Richard
Winter sports--Washington (State)
Winter, William Neal
Wolf, Hamilton
Women at War
Women Painters of Washington (Organization)
Women Pioneers--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women-- Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies and Clubs
Women--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women's Hats--Washington (State)--Seattle
Women's University Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Women--Suffrage--Great Britain
Women--Washington (State)
Women--Washington (State)--Seattle
Wood, James A.
Wood, William D.
Woodland Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Woodway (Wash.)
World War, 1914-1918
Worman, Eugenia
Wright, H. Garner
Wright, Raymond
Yacht Club (Seattle, Wash.)
Yachting--Washington (State)--Seattle
Yakima Indians
Yakima River (Wash.)
Ye College Inn (Seattle, Wash.)
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (Seattle, Wash.)
Yellowstone National Park
Yesler Way (Seattle, Wash.)
Yesler, Sarah, 1822-1887
YMCA of the U.S.A
Young Women's Christian Association of the U.S.A
Young, Clara Kimball, 1890-1960
Young, E. Weldon
Young, Janet
Zahrt, J.D.
Ziegler, Eustace Paul, 1881-1969
Zimbalist, Efrem

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