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Digital Collections A-Z


Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Digital Collection

Collection featuring books, pamphlets, invitations, reports, speeches, maps, articles and more related to the 1909 AYP Exposition that took place on the University of Washington Campus. It includes items from the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) collection.


Bungalow Magazine

Collection including issues of the Seattle publication Bungalow Magazine published between 1912 and 1918. This magazine popularized the bungalow house form and the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts Style as it was interpreted in the Northwest. Articles about particular houses in Seattle were regular features as well as measured drawings for inglenooks, sideboards, stools and other furniture. Some issues also include photographs taken by Webster and Stevens, a prominent local photography firm.


Century 21 Digital Collection

Collection containing materials for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, also known as the Century 21 Exposition, which took place in Seattle from April 21 to October 21, 1962. Materials include over 1,200 photographs of the fair taken by Werner Lenggenhager and others along with books, brochures, reports and ephemera from the Seattle Collection.


Edward S. Curtis Digital Collection

Collection including the portfolio images from Seattle photographer Edward S. Curtis' The North American Indian along with letters exchanged between 1948 and 1951 by Curtis and Harriet Leitch, a former librarian at the Seattle Public Library. In his letters to Leitch, Curtis discusses many topics including climbing Mount Rainier, participating in the 1899 Harriman Expedition to Alaska, photographing Princess Angeline and creating The North American Indian.


Suzanne Hittman Collection of the Pike Place Market

Collection including correspondence, business ledgers, receipts, plans, rental agreements and other significant documents produced by Pike Place Market farmers and vendors, Frank Goodwin, Arthur E. Goodwin, Giuseppe (Joe) Desimone, Richard L. Desimone, and The Pike Place Public Markets, Inc.


George Gulacsik Space Needle Photograph Collection

Collection of over 2,400 photos taken by photographer George Gulacsik documenting the construction of the Seattle Space Needle. The collection includes photos ranging from the digging of the foundation in April 1961 to the opening of the World's Fair in April 1962.


Jewish Transcript

Collection featuring issues of The Jewish Transcript from the 1920s to the 1970s. The Transcript documents the daily life of the Jewish community in Seattle as well as local and international events.


Frank A. Kunishige Collection

Collection presenting the Library's full collection of 56 Frank Kunishige textura tissue photographs, donated in 1961 by his wife, Gin Kunishige.


Lake Washington Ship Canal Digital Collection

Collection featuring a variety of materials related to the history of the Lake Washington Ship Canal such as maps, photographs, postcards, correspondence, tourism ephemera, and more.

Werner Lenggenhager Photograph Collection

Collection including photographs taken by Werner Lenggenhager (1899-1988). Lenggenhager was a Swiss immigrant, a Boeing employee, and a hobby photographer who made it his life's work to create a photographic record of Seattle's architecture, monuments, and scenery. Over the course of his life, Lenggenhager gave nearly 30,000 prints of his photographs to The Seattle Public Library.


Maps and Atlases

Collection presenting maps and atlases from 1840 to present day depicting land parcels, historic businesses, residences, and other places of note. In addition to maps of Seattle which form the bulk of the materials, the collection also includes maps from the United States Exploring Expedition led by Charles Wilkes in the 1840s.

Parker McAllister Collection

Collection includes watercolors of important historic scenes painted by Seattle Times staff artist Parker McAllister which appeared as illustrations for the 42-article series "Discovery of the Pacific Northwest" which appeared between 1954 and 1956.


Northwest Art Collection

Collection containing prints, drawings, and paintings from The Seattle Public Library’s art collection featuring important Northwest artists like Mark Tobey, Kenneth Callahan, Helmi Juvonen, Robert Cranston Lee, and Guy Anderson, as well as many others.

Northwest Subject Index Collection

Collection of citations for selected Seattle subjects from newspapers, books, magazines and archival collections in the Seattle Room.


Pacific Builder and Engineer

Collection including January 1906-June 1910 issues of Pacific Builder and Engineer, a Seattle publication covering construction and engineering projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia.

Pike Place Market Digital Collection

Collection which gathers together materials related to the history of the Pike Place Market from all of our online collections, specifically the Peter Steinbrueck, Suzanne Hittman and Werner Lenggenhager collections. Materials span over 70 years of the market's history and include photographs, correspondence, architectural plans and more.


Researching the History of Seattle and King County Buildings

Research guide compiled by The Seattle Public Library's Special Collections Department in collaboration with the King County Archives which provides countless resources for researching the history of houses, commercial buildings, parks and gardens, roads, bridges, churches and clubs.


Seattle City Directories

Collection featuring several early Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington State, and Pacific Coast directories beginning in 1867. Also included are the 1928 Seattle House and Street Directory and the 1940 City Directory.

Seattle Genealogical Society Bulletin

Collection containing the first fifty volumes of the SGS Bulletin published from 1952 to 2001. The Bulletin includes transcriptions of genealogical records from the Seattle area and beyond, along with articles about genealogy research and methodology.

Seattle Historical Photograph Collection

Collection featuring over 1,900 photographs documenting Seattle's history including images of the city before and after the 1889 fire, notable buildings, pioneers, and neighborhoods.

Seattle Historic Postcard Collection

Collection including postcards of iconic Seattle buildings, attractions and events from the early 1900s to the 1960s. Some postcards include correspondence from Seattle residents and visitors discussing their time in Seattle and other personal affairs.

Seattle Jazz Archive

Collection including oral histories of those who have made a significant contribution to the city's rich jazz community. Interviews include Seattle musicians and singers, along with other community members discussing their experiences with jazz in Seattle.

Seattle Mail and Herald

This collection contains issues of the Seattle Mail and Herald, published between January 5, 1901 to May 25, 1907. The paper touches on topics such as Seattle's regrades, the Alaskan Gold Rush, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition and the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Seattle Municipal News

Collection of nearly 100 years of Municipal News issues covering important civic issues in Seattle from political elections, to housing to desegregation.

Seattle Neighborbood History Project

Collection providing a starting point for accessing historical information about Seattle neighborhoods from the Library's special collections and elsewhere. Allows users to search for photographs, postcards, menus, maps and more items related to specific neighborhoods.

Seattle Room Finding Aids

Collection including finding aids for selected archival collections in the Seattle Room including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Library Collection, Seattle World's Fair Collection, and the Werner Lenggenhager Photograph Collection.

Seattle Room Menu Collection

Collection featuring hundreds of menus from Seattle area restaurants, each reflecting the tastes (and prices) of their time period. Most of the items represented are from the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Seattle Sawdust Collection

Collection containing books, documents, ephemera and more relating to Seattle’s history from the early 1890s to present day.

Peter Steinbrueck Pike Place Market Collection

Collection including architectural plans, posters, newspaper articles and ephemera related to the Market Initiative and other efforts undertaken by the Friends of the Market to protect Pike Place Market and its unique character and history.


Town Crier

Collection featuring issues of the Town Crier, a weekly magazine focusing on Seattle’s news, arts and culture published between 1910 and 1938.


University District Oral History Project

Collection presenting oral history interviews conducted by students in the University of Washington Museology Graduate Program. The narrators of all included interviews live and/or work in the University District and reflect upon issues relating to the community: its people, development, and history.

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