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Index of Subject Terms for the Pacific Builder and Engineer Collection

Adams, C.R.
Administration Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Agricultural Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Ajax (Fireboat)
Alaska Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Alaska--Gold discoveries
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 :--Seattle, Wash.)
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 :--Seattle, Wash.)--Maps
Alexander Court (Portland, Or.)
Alhambra Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
All Saints Episcopal Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Allen, Frank Phillip, 1880 or 1881-1943
American Savings Bank and Trust Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Amusement parks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Apartment houses--Washington (State)--Everett
Apartment houses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Architecture, Asian
Architecture, Domestic--Northwest, Pacific
Architecture--Washington (State)--Seattle
Arctic Brotherhood Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Armories--Washington (State)--Seattle
Armories--Washington (State)--Tacoma
Auditorium Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Baillargeon Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Ballard High School (Seattle, Wash.)
Bank Building (Vancouver, B.C.)
Bank buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Battleships--Washington (State)--Seattle
Battleships--Washington (State)--Seattle
Bebb and Mendel
Bebb, Charles H.
Bee Hive Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Beer Industry--Washington (State)--Seattle--History
Bekins Storage Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Bell Court Apartments (Everett, Wash.)
Bigger and Warner
Biscoe and Hewitt
Blethen, Alden Joseph, 1845-1915
Bogardus, C.E.
Boone, W.E.
Brewing Industry--Washington (State)--Seattle
Brickmaking--Washington (State)
Bridges--Washington (State)--Yakima
Builders Brick Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Buildings--British Columbia--Vancouver
Buildings--Washington (State)--Grays Harbor
Buildings--Washington (State)--Kennewick
Buildings--Washington (State)--Prosser
Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Buildings--Washington (State)--South Bend
Buildings--Washington (State)--Spokane
Buildings--Washington (State)--Tacoma
Buildings--Washington (State)--Walla Walla
Buildings--Washington (State)--Yakima
Bullard, George Wesley
Bullard, W.H.
Burwell, Austin P.
Bussell, C.B., 1864-1938
California Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Calumet Hotel (Portland, Or.)
Canadian Bank of Commerce (Seattle, Wash.)
Canals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Carbon Hill Coal Company (Carbonado, Wash.)
Carnegie libraries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Cedar Falls Power Plant (Wash.)
Central Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Chicago (Trawler)
Chilberg, J.E.
Chinese Village (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Church buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
City Hall (Walla Walla, Wash.)
City halls--Washington (State)--Seattle
City planning--Colorado--Denver
City planning--Illinois--Chicago
City planning--Pennsylvania--Pittsburg
City Planning--Washington (State)--Seattle
Civil Engineering--Periodicals
Clark, C.H.
Clubs and societies--Washington (State)--Seattle
Coal mines and mining--Washington (State)
Coal mines and mining--Washington (State)--Carbonado
Colman Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Columbia School (Seattle, Wash.)
Commercial Club (Portland, Or.)
Commercial Club Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Construction Industry--Periodicals
Corner, James M.
Cote, Joseph Simon
Crapsey and Lamm
Dearborn Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Denny, Rolland Herschel, 1851-1939
Denny-Renton Clay and Coal Company (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Denny-Renton Clay and Coal Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Department stores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dexter Horton and Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Doan, T.F.
Dominion Trust Building (Vancouver, B.C)
Dow, Matthew
Drugstores--Washington (State)--Seattle
Duwamish (Fireboat)
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Bellingham
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Centralia
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Ellensburg
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Kennewick
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Dwellings--Washington (State)--Tacoma
E.N. Fobes Apartment House
E.P. Jamison and Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Eagles Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Eames, William Sylvester
Economic Conditions--Alaska
Ehrlich-Harrison Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Electric Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Elevator industry--Washington (State)--Seattle
Elevators--Washington (State)--Seattle
Ells, H.H.
Emergency Hospital (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Empire Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Enamel Brick and Concrete Company (Richmond Beach, Wash.)
Engineering Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Erickson-Wyman Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Erikson, Oliver T.
European Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Everett High School
Exhibitions--Washington (State)--Seattle
Exhibitions--Washington (State)--Seattle--Maps
Exterior lighting--Washington (State)--Seattle
Falcon (Steamship)
Fifth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Fine Arts Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Fire stations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Fireboats--Washington (State)--Seattle
Fires--California--San Francisco
First Church of Christ (Seattle, Wash.)
First Methodist Episcopal Church (Seattle, Wash.)
First National Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
First Presbyterian Church (Seattle, Wash.)
Flagpoles--Washington (State)--Seattle
Flatiron Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Foreign Exhibit Palace (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Formosa Tea House (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Foundry Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Fourth Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Fourth Avenue Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Franklin School (Seattle, Wash.)
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Seattle Aerie No. 1
Frederick and Nelson
Freemasons--Washington (State)--Seattle
Funeral homes--Washington (State)--Seattle
Georgetown (Seattle, Wash.)
Georgetown Steam Plant (Seattle, Wash.)
Georgian Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Good Roads Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Gorham Weber Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Gould and Champney
Gould, Augustus Warren
Governors--Dwellings--Washington (State)
Grading (Earthwork)--Washington (State)--Seattle
Graham and Myers
Graham, John, 1873-1955
Granger Brick and Tile Company (Granger, Wash.)
Grant, Francis W.
Grays Harbor Commercial Company (Grays Harbor, Wash.)
Grondahl, E.L. (Seattle, Wash.)
Hambach Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Hamilton's Hall (Seattle, Wash.)
Hawley, H.W.
Hemrich, Andrew
Henry Building (Seattle, Wash.)
High schools--Washington (State)--Everett
High schools--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hoo Hoo House (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Horton, Julius
Hospitals--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hotel Rainier-Grand (Seattle, Wash.)
Hotels--Washington (State)--Seattle
Hubbard, F.B.
Huntington, Daniel R.
Imperial Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Imperial Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Inlaid Floor Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Iron foundries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Jackson Street Regrade (Seattle, Wash.)
Japanese Government Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Jefferson Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Kenny Presbyterian Home (Seattle, Wash.)
Kenny, The (Seattle, Wash.)
Kerr and Rogers
King Street Station (Seattle, Wash.)
Kinnear Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Knapp and West
Knickerbocker Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
L.A. Suter Jewelry Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Lake Washington Ship Canal (Seattle, Wash.)
Lance and Peters
Library buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lighting--Washington (State)--Seattle
Lukes, Joseph B.
Lumber industry--Washington (State)--Seattle
Luna Park (Seattle, Wash.)
Macadam Roads--Washington (State)
Machinery Hall (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Majestic Theater (Seattle, Wash.)
Manhattan Flats (Seattle, Wash.)
Manufacturers Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Manufacturers Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Manufacturers Exchange Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Manufacturing industries--Washington (State)
Manufacturing industries--Washington (State)--Edmonds
Manufacturing industries--Washington (State)--Seattle
Markets--Washington (State)--Seattle
McCartney and Middleton Tailors
McDermott, Frank
McKesson and Robbins Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Meisnest, F.W.
Mendel, Louis L.
Mendota (Wash.)
Mendota Coal and Coke Company
Merrick, Frank L.
Metropolitan Tract (Seattle, Wash.)
Meyers, David J.
Michel Casino (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Minor Hospital (Seattle, Wash.)
Mission Fixture and Mantel Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Missouri Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Moran Brothers Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Moran Engineering Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Muller School (Seattle, Wash.)
Music Pavilion (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Nadeau, Ira A.
National Bank of Commerce (Seattle, Wash.)
Nebraska (Battleship)
New Washington Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
New York Block (Seattle, Wash.)
New York Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Noice and Company's Undertaking Parlor (Seattle, Wash.)
Norris Safe Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Northern Bank and Trust Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Northern Pacific Railway Company
Northwest Building Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Northwest Trust and Safe Deposit Company
O'Brien, T.D.
Oregon Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Oregon Hotel (Portland, Or.)
Oregon State Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Oriental Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Palace of Sweets (Seattle, Wash.)
Pantages, Alexander
Paraffine Paint Company Building (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
Parks--Washington (State)--Seattle
Parks--Washington (State)--Walla Walla
Pearson Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
Pearson, Alexander
Perkins Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Perry Apartments--Washington (State)--Seattle
Peterson, Jens C.
Pike Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Pine Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Pioneer Square (Seattle, Wash.)
Polson Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Portraits--Washington (State)--Seattle
Potter and Merrill
Provident-Representative Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Public libraries--Washington (State)--Snohomish
Public Safety Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Public schools--Washington (State)--Seattle
Public toilets--Washington (State)--Seattle
Quarries and Quarrying--Washington (State)--Index
Queen Anne High School (Seattle, Wash.)
Railroad stations--Washington (State)--Seattle
Railroad stations--Washington (State)--Spokane
Railroad stations--Washington (State)--Tacoma
Railroads--Washington (State)--Seattle
Rainier Valley (Seattle, Wash.)
Reed, Henry E.
Regent's Park (Tacoma, Wash.)
Roads--Design and Construction--Congresses
Roads--Washington (State)
Ross, J.D.
Roy, C.L
Ryan, H.
Salmon Canning Industry--Washington (State)
Samet, Rudolph
San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, Calif., 1906
Sandpoint and Interurban Railway Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Saunders and Lawton
Savoy Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Sawmills--Washington (State)--Seattle
Scandinavian-American Bank (Seattle, Wash.)
Schack, James H.
School buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle
Schools--Washington (State)--Seattle
Seattle (Wash.), Department of Buildings
Seattle (Wash.)--Newspapers
Seattle Central Library
Seattle City Light
Seattle Commercial Club
Seattle Golf Club
Seattle National Bank
Seattle Public Library
Seattle Sporting Goods Company
Seattle, Renton and Southern Railway Company
Seattle-Everett Interurban Company
Seattle-Everett Railway
Second Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Sedro-Woolley (Wash.)
Sexton, Frederick A.
Shand, John K.
Shipbuilding--Washington (State)--Seattle
Shipyards--Washington (State)--Seattle
Sicks' Seattle Brewing and Malting Co.
Smith Drug Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Snohomish Public Library
Soelberg, A.H.
Somervell and Cote
Somervell, W. M. (Woodruff Marbury)
Sons of the American Revolution Flagpole (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
South Dearborn Street (Seattle, Wash.)
South Gate (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909, Seattle, Wash.)
South Jackson Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Spalding, Albert Walter
Standard Furniture Building (Seattle, Wash.)
State Bank of Seattle
Stephen and Stephen
Stewart and Holmes Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Stokes, Harry S.
Stone-Fisher Retail Building (Tacoma, Wash.)
Stores, retail--Washington (State)--Seattle
Street-railroads--Washington (State)
Street-railroads--Washington (State)--Seattle
Streets--Washington (State)--Seattle
Subways--Washington (State)--Seattle
Swetland Building (Portland, Or.)
Tacoma High School (Tacoma, Wash.)
Telegraph, Wireless
Temple de Hirsch (Seattle, Wash.)
The Rubber Store (Seattle, Wash.)
Theaters--Washington (State)--Seattle
Third Avenue (Seattle, Wash.)
Thomas, Harlan
Thomson, Reginald Heber, 1856-1949
Three Tree Point (King County, Wash.)
Undertakers and undertaking--Washington (State)--Seattle
Union Foundry Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Union Savings and Trust Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Union Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Union, Lake (Seattle, Wash.)
University Baptist Church (Seattle, Wash.)
University of Washington
University Street (Seattle, Wash.)
Valentine, A.L.
Vogt, J.H.
Warehouses--Washington (State)--Seattle
Washington Clayworkers' Association
Washington Hotel (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington National Guard Armory (Seattle, Wash.)
Washington Pipe and Foundry Company (Tacoma, Wash.)
Washington State Governor's Mansion (Olympia, Wash.)
Washington Steel and Bolt Company (Edmonds, Wash.)
Washington Turpentine Works (Everett, Wash.)
Water supply--Washington (State)--Seattle
West Coast Iron Works (Seattle, Wash.)
West Seattle (Seattle, Wash.)
Western Engraving Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Western Marble Company (Seattle, Wash.)
Western Marble Company (Tacoma, Wash.)
Westlake Public Market (Seattle, Wash.)
Wheeler, Ernest C.
White Building (Seattle, Wash.)
White City (Seattle, Wash.)
White, William P.
White-Henry-Stuart Building (Seattle, Wash.)
Willatzen and Byrne
William D. Perkins and Co., Bankers (Seattle, Wash.)
Wilson and Loveless
Wilson Block (Seattle, Wash.)
Wilson, C. Leroy
Wilson, Clayton D.
Y.M.C.A. (Seattle, Wash.)
Yakima River (Wash.)
Young Men's Christian Association (Seattle, Wash.)

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